A little bit about us

Wonder in Progress is an early-stage startup striving to create impact through Kotokan

Through tech, we teach transversal skills to help kids prepare for a rapidly changing world. We believe in creating technology to support children’s learning, not absorb it. 

This is why we…

Promote limited screen-time

We recommend limited use of our technology. 10 to 15 minute sessions are ideal for home use and 15 to 30 minutes for school use.

Design rewarding systems with positive impact

Encouraging them to try again and again, praising effort and perseverance and keeping motivation as intrinsic as possible.

Encourage the use of pencil and paper

We train and encourage children to apply what they have learned on Kotokan outside of the app: homework, exams, etc.

Meet our founders

Gloria Molins - Photo

Gloria Molins / CPO

Psychologist and Primary teacher

Gloria is passionate about finding new ways to improve the way kids learn.

Throughout her teaching career, she has tried to demonstrate to her students that talent is a matter of effort. Nowadays, she tries to convey the same idea to Kotokan’s players.


Jon Pittaluga - Photo

Jon Pittaluga / CEO

Entrepreneur, dad of two.

Jon is aiming to build something that generates a positive impact, for his kids and for other children.

He is a serial entrepreneur with diverse skills: from design or programming to business management. Wonder in Progress is his second startup. Previously, he founded three other businesses: a creative agency, an online yachts booking platform and video production company.


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