Boost your students’ thinking skills

Kotokan is a maths problem-solving platform for 7 to 13 years old students that fosters the 4 C’s of 21st Century Skills: Critical thinking, Creativity, Collaboration and Communication.

Trusted by great teachers from the best schools

Life-long learning

Learning skills, also known as 21st Century Skills, are essential for children to succeed in school, workplace, and life. 

Kotokan develops these skills by making maths fun and promoting thinking.

Our mission is to empower children to be prepared for a rapidly changing world by powering teachers and parents with tools to foster thinking-skills.

Teachers, our core

Teacher-proof quality content

Kotokan includes many quality maths problems, well organised, from the best teachers and experts. 

Create and customize content

We include easy and flexible content creation and customization tools for teachers.

Easy follow up

Save time correcting your students’ homework and follow up on their progress and difficulties.

Engage your students

Engage with maths through enjoyable and tailor-made contents of your preferred topics.

Good stuff for children

Logical thinking

Kotokan teaches strategies to analyse, break-down and visualise information in problems.

Creative problem-solving

Our method is designed to foster risk-taking and it features a range of versatile strategies.

Build confidence

Growth mindset is the cornerstone of our pedagogy. We prevent maths anxiety by making children laugh and engage.

Fun content

Engage with maths through enjoyable and tailor-made contents of your preferred topics.

Social learning

Collaborate and communicate with pals to solve and create problems.

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